Executive Staff

Executive Staff
Image of Rick Wells
Sheriff Rick Wells
Image of William Dixon
Administrative Bureau
Major William "BG" Dixon
Image of Patrick Cassella
Enforcement Bureau
Major Patrick Cassella
Image of William Jordan
Investigative Bureau
Major Todd Shear
Image of Yvonne Miller
Corrections Bureau
Major Yvonne Miller
Image of Thomas Porter
Corrections Bureau
Major Thomas Porter
Image of Neil Unruh
Neil Unruh
Image of Araseli Stanley
Support Division
Captain Araseli Stanley
Image of Richard Gerkin
Patrol District 1
Captain Richard Gerkin
Image of Todd Shear
Special Investigations Division
Captain Robert Mealy
Image of Christopher Heier
Operations Division
Captain Christopher Heier
Image of Brian Schnering
Professional Standards
Captain Brian Schnering
Image of Kathryn Estabrook
Services Division
Captain Kathryn Estabrook
Image of Capt. Ramdath
Patrol District 2
Captain Andy Ramdath
Image of Anthony Williams
Criminal Investigations Division
Captain Anthony Williams
Image of Ian Kogel
Services Division
Captain Ian Kogel
Image of Randy Warren
Public Information Officer
Randy Warren
Image of Billy Duckett
Training Division
Captain Billy Duckett
Image of Robert Mealy
Patrol District 3
Captain Sandra McIver
Image of Dennis Romano
Child Protective Investigations Division
Captain Dennis Romano
Image of Susan Jones
Court Services Division
Captain Susan Jones
Image of Stanley Schaeffer
Selective Enforcement
Captain Stanley Schaeffer
Image of Dwight Cooper
Administrative Division
Captain Dwight Cooper