Information Technologies

The Information Technologies (IT) Section is composed of the Service Desk, Application Services and Infrastructure Services that together form the IT Team.

The IT team is responsible for establishing, administering and maintaining all of the technology needs within the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Other responsibilities include custom development and coordinating efforts with Manatee County Information Systems Division, other County constitutionals and outside vendors.

The IT team strives to integrate technology seamlessly with the daily activities of the Manatee County Sheriff's Office. Our mission is to stay on top of today's emerging technology and to ensure our deputies and support-staff have the best tools available to them. As the agency grows the IT Team will work hand in hand to support that growth. We focus on our customers by delivering excellent and timely support services and by fostering teamwork and continuous improvement in everything we do. We currently support 400+ marked and unmarked cars utilizing state of the art ruggedized laptops integrated with high speed virtual private network encryption. These technologies allow our deputies to stay in touch at all times enabling them quick access to information which is essential to keeping our neighborhoods safe.