Hiring Process

Hiring Process

All applicants applying for a position with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office must complete an application and submit the completed application to Human Resources. In addition, Law Enforcement and Correction Deputy Applicants will be required to take the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education).

1. Applicants who are selected to continue in the process will be offered a Notice of Conditional Offer of Probationary Appointment, which contains a list of requirements, any one of which will cause the application process to be terminated if not successfully completed.

2. The personnel application information file for each candidate will be submitted to the MCSO Employment Eligibility Board for review and approval after testing and background are completed.

3. As position openings are announced, selected candidates will proceed to an oral interview with members of the Sheriff's Office and will be placed in eligibility status.

4. Appointed Corrections Training Academy Applicants will be scheduled to attend the MCSO Training Academy where they will receive over 420 hours of training. Prior to consideration for this Academy, Applicants are required to successfully pass the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT), administered through our Training Department and a Physical Fitness Test which consist of five events that the applicant must pass. Applicants must pass this fitness test on day one of the training academy under the recruit standard in order to continue in the academy. The last week of the academy recruits must pass the fitness test under Certified standards in order to graduate the academy and continue with employment with the agency. The training curriculum encompasses contemporary corrections issues such as: controlling inmates, report writing skills, firearms training, defensive tactics, and many other areas relating to modern corrections work. Each trainee, upon successful completion of academy training, will be scheduled to take the State of Florida Corrections Certification Examination

5. Applicants appointed to Certified positions will enter into a highly organized and structured training program. Law Enforcement Deputies are assigned to five weeks of Agency Law Enforcement Specifics followed by 16 weeks in the Field Training & Evaluation Program (FTEP), Corrections Deputies are assigned to two weeks of Agency Corrections Specifics and nine weeks in the Corrections Training Evaluation Program (CTEP). This training is meant to build on the necessary skills required of a professional Law Enforcement/Corrections Deputy in today's society. Upon successful completion, they will have developed a strong sense of commitment, pride and accomplishment by choosing a career with a highly professional, progressive and respected law enforcement organization.

6. Applicants appointed to Civilian (non-certified) positions will be provided with training that is specifically designed to support their assignment.

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