Fighting crime in today’s culture requires innovation, advanced equipment and ever-changing technology. To provide these resources to our law enforcement personnel, the Grant Coordinator in the Fiscal Division of the Sheriff’s Office works with agency personnel to actively seek funding to complement the annual budget. Funding sources include federal and state government agencies and sometimes even non-profit foundations and organizations. Some grant funds are based on formulas that entitle the agency to financial resources essential to law enforcement operations in the county. Other grant funding is competitive, with applications being scored by a panel of reviewers.

When awarded grant dollars, the Sheriff’s Office is held accountable for monitoring all activities associated with the approved project. The Grant Coordinator submits reports on a regular basis to demonstrate that project activities are completed as planned. In addition, all financial transactions are tracked and reported as required.

The chart below details the grant funds that the Fiscal Division currently manages:

GRANT ACCOUNTS 2018-2019 OCT.pdf (PDF)