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Providing encouragement and support to children victims in their pursuit for higher education.

Too often forgotten in the aftermath of crimes involving families, young children remain victims for the rest of their lives. Denied the opportunities often available to more fortunate youths, the child whose family relationship is marred by crime often is unable to obtain the education and training that would prepare them for productive employment and fulfilling lives. I have witnessed this too often during my career in law enforcement. We are now preparing to do something about it.

Victims First places strong emphasis on the needs of these children whose lives are threatened by crime. Through this organization, we strive to assure their completion of secondary education, and follow up with the encouragement and support for them in their pursuit of higher education. We will assist them in finding scholarships or financial support necessary for a college education. The corporation intends to give priority to children who have been victimized by family crime involving the loss of one or both parents.

We are seeking your help in meeting the needs of these young victims, to allow them the chance to regain their rightful place in the world which otherwise they might forfeit through no fault of their own. Join with us through contributions of time and money to make this effort a success.


Rick Wells, Sheriff
Manatee County, Florida

Providing scholarships to children of murdered parents.

The specific purpose for which this non-profit corporation is organized is primarily for the advancement to and provision for the secondary education for minor children who have been victims of crime. The corporation intends to provide encouragement and support to and oversight of children victims in their educational pursuits to ensure eligibility for college entrance and to conduct fund-raising for award of scholarships and funding to ensure that the children have the opportunity, through financial assistance, to obtain a college education. The corporation intends to work in cooperation with other non-profit groups the purposes of which relate to victims’ rights by soliciting from and entertaining the requests of these corporations for designation of children victims who are eligible for selection. The corporation intends to give priority to children who have been victimized by family crime involving the loss of one or both parents.

VICTIMS FIRST, INC. has no paid staff members on board, and no paid overhead. The Board of Directors is dedicated to this cause and donate all their time, effort and money to make sure that 100% of the proceeds are channeled to victims.


W. Brad Steube
Debbie Steube
Carol Masio, Esq.
Bruce Meade
For more information, contact Sidney Ettedgui at (941)747-3011, x2581.

Mr. A was distraught over an impending divorce. Under the influence of alcohol, he shot his wife in the head, killing her in the living room of their home. Their six year old daughter was in an adjoining bedroom with her visiting grandmother. When she heard her mother scream she opened the bedroom door. Even though she was standing in front of her grandmother, Mr. A proceeded to shoot the grandmother, who also died from the wounds.

Mr. A’s little daughter took a Kleenex and attempted to wipe the blood off her grandmother’s face, and in a six year old manner, attempted CPR. She felt as though she failed in her attempt to save her grandmother’s life, and has had ongoing counseling.

Mr. A was sentenced to spend the rest of his natural life in prison; however, he has continued to cause trouble for his daughter and her only remaining relative, her grandfather with whom she lives. Mr. A is suing the grandfather to force him to bring his daughter to the prison for visits. Her grandfather has almost depleted his resources raising her and fighting Mr. A legally.

Note: Mr. A seems to be able to afford legal representation, possibly at the expense of the taxpayer while depleting his ex-father-in-law’s finances.

Even though he was married, Mr. B was seeing Ms. C. When she discovered he was married, Ms. C allegedly called Mrs. B to advise her of their affair. When Mrs. B confronted her husband, he became angry and proceeded to the home of Ms. C where he was met at the door by her nine year old son. When Mr. B came in, the boy saw that he was carrying a knife and became frightened. Mr. B proceeded to the bedroom where Ms. C was working and the boy heard loud noises that sounded like someone falling against the walls, and his mother screaming for him to run. He ran to a neighbor’s home where 9-1-1 was called. After the arrival of the police and the ambulance which transported Ms. C to the hospital, the boy’s aunt and grandmother were located and brought to the neighbor’s house. When informed that Ms. C had died, the young boy responded, “She can’t be dead! She promised that she would never leave me!”

Ms. C’s son testified at the trial, and Mr. B was sentenced to life with a minimum mandatory of 25 years. Upon stoically hearing the verdict, the boy said, “When he gets out, I’ll be waiting and I will kill him. It’s my fault that I let him in to kill my mom!” He stood and watched while Mr. B was fingerprinted and would not leave the courtroom until Mr. B was led away.

Ms. C’s son, along with his grandmother and his mother’s sister, regularly attended the Homicide Survivor’s Support Group held by the Manatee Sheriff’s Office and Hospice. In the next few years he lost his guardian, his grandmother to cancer and went to live with his aunt. In the past year, his father resurfaced and claimed parental custody. He now resides with his paternal grandparents and his father. He states his plan for Mr. B is still in effect. He says, “When he gets out I will be waiting for him and I will kill him...for my Mom!”

With the love and caring of others, perhaps this young man will be able to let go of his perceived guilt and destructive hate. Perhaps with the right opportunities he could turn out to be the wonderful man that he promised his mother he would be at the young age of nine.

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