Trial Period

Applicants who complete Phase I of the application process and are selected to continue in the process shall be given a Notice of Conditional Offer of Probationary Appointment letter prior to entering into Phase II. This letter shall contain a list of required screening procedures and standards. Each screening procedure and standard is independent of the other, any one of which shall cause the screening process to be terminated if not successfully completed. When possible, screening procedures requiring applicant attendance will be scheduled to meet the needs of an individual applicant.

Hiring decisions will be made without regard to race, sex, age, national origin, disability status, or religion. If an applicant has a disability, which impairs their ability to perform in the application process, please advise the agency as to what accommodations may be needed to complete the process.

Probationary Period - All new employees shall be placed on extended probation for a period totaling one year beyond the completion date of any/all training requirements regardless of duration.

Career Service - After successful completion of the one-year probationary period, the employee will attain Career Service status.

Salary Entry Level - PIease ask our Recruiter and/or Employment Services Specialist about the entry-level salary for the position of interest.

Veteran Preference - Special consideration is given to qualified veterans seeking employment.

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